Why do you donate to the Radix Community Council? Who are they?

The Radix Community Council (RCC) began as a grant provided by the Radix Foundation. This fund is controlled by a group of dedicated supporters with the goal of helping the Radix platform succeed via increased exposure and adoption.

Since inception, this fund was used for partnerships, AMAs, marketing and even exchange listings. We decided to donate 15% of the fees we receive to the community fund as we believe that when Radix succeeds, the token appreciates in value, thus benefiting stakers.

Follow them on twitter @Radix_ecosystem or visit getradix.com.

Donation Details

  • On the 11th of each month (starting 11th September 2021) accrued fees for the month will be calculated and 15% of those fees will be unstaked from the Juicy Stake validator node.

  • Once the unstaking period has ended (usually 10-14 days after the unstake has been initiated) the 15% will be sent to the Radix Community Council's wallet address.

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