Juicy Stake

Unstaking/Claiming Guide


This guide assumes you have the Radix Desktop Wallet installed, and have XRD available to unstake. If you haven't already installed the wallet, jump over to the official site first and do that. If you need help with the wallet installation then head over to the official help page for a guide. And if you need help to stake your tokens follow our guide linked below
Please note that because Radix automatically compounds staking rewards there is no need to claim your rewards if your only purpose is to restake them.

1. Login to the Radix Desktop Wallet

Open the Radix Desktop Wallet, input your password, then click 'Open Wallet'

2. Select the 'Stake & Unstake' tab

Select the 'Stake & Unstake' tab from the left-hand menu

3. Click the 'Reduce' button on the 'Current Stakes' panel

The 'Current Stakes' panel will list all of your current staked tokens. Identify the stake you wish to reduce and click the 'Reduce' button on it
Please remember there will be a delay when unstaking (approximately 2 weeks). The purpose of this delay is to allow the network sufficient time to determine confidently that the validator those tokens were delegated to hasn’t done anything malicious - no need to worry though, this is a totally normal procedure in DPoS networks.
Please be wary that any tokens that are currently in the process of being unstaked do not receive rewards for the the entirety of the unstaking period.

3. Enter the amount of XRD you wish to unstake

Enter the amount of XRD you wish to unstake into the 'Amount' box and then click 'Request Unstake'

4. Approve the unstake request

A dialogue box will appear asking for your authorization to proceed with the unstake. Enter your 'PIN' and click 'Confirm'

5. Request Unstake in progress...

After a short delay the 'History' tab will appear and show a 'Request Unstake' transaction. Your tokens are now in the process of unstaking. This process takes up to 2 weeks. Once this process finishes your 'Available' balance on your 'Balances' page will update to display the unstaked tokens.